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There are 3 key things that a contractor needs to make a job a success for a client:
1. Establish expectations for the process.
2. Develop a clear understanding of what the customer really wants.
3. Deliver a result that matches those expectations.

Mike and his team delivered on all 3.

Mike began by coming to our house, looking at what needed to be done, and then walking us through how it all would work. He set expectations for the cleaning and repair of the stucco, test painting a section of the wall to make sure we would be happy with the effect, and then final execution. He told us a bit about who the people would be executing the job, and pledged to stay in touch to make sure everything went well. He walked around the house with us, and asked us questions about vines that had grown up, how to handle transitions onto fences, and other odd spots peculiar to our job. He then sent a written estimate in short order.

We met Jerry and his team when they came to start the job. It followed very much the script that Mike had laid out. They began prepping the house for the paint job, repairing and cleaning the stucco. They discussed colors with us, worked some variations on the main shade and the trim, and painted large swaths next to trim pieces so that we could see the overall effect as the light changed throughout the day. They walked us through and had us inspect and approve the preparations, and we made final choices on the color.

Once the plan was set, the team began painting. It took several days. Each morning, Jerry would be there bright and early reviewing the previous day’s work, planning that day’s work, and checking with us to make sure we were satisfied. Mike checked in periodically to make sure everything was going smoothly.

The whole thing played out exactly as MIke had explained, and came in on time and exactly to budget. Most importantly, the house looks amazing. We listened to Jerry and Mike in a number of places when selecting and adjusting color schemes, and they have a fine sense of design. It makes the whole house feel new again.

I can’t recommend Procoat highly enough. They truly delivered one of the best customer experiences I’ve had, cover to cover.

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