How to Prepare For Painting Walls So You Have Less Mess
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Tips and tricks for painting walls so you have less of a mess to clean up afterward. These painting tips will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our President, Michael Mayhue, was recently invited to share his professional painting knowledge and advice, gained over 25 years professionally painting in San Diego (Rated A+ by the BBB), with other painting experts on Porch.Com

How to Prepare For Painting Walls So You Have Less Mess


Painting with less mess is everyone’s goal – professional painters and DIYers, and we are sharing Michael’s preparation for painting walls painting tips with you.

Action Shot of a Interior Painting Project

Painting walls can be both a daunting and messy task. For an interior wall refresh or color change, you want to be sure that you have all the necessary materials ready to go. This should include brushes, paint, painters’ tape, and painters’ plastic or drop cloths.

Your first errand will most likely be to pick out your paint. This is an important step and when not considered carefully, can lead to one being unhappy with the finished product. Considering undertones and lighting of certain colors is very important. For example, one gray may look bluer than another due to the undertone of the paint or lighting of the room. The sheen, or gloss, of the paint, is another aspect that is often overlooked.

There are different types of sheens including flat, satin, and semi-gloss. Flat is essentially a matte finish and can be easily scuffed and difficult to wipe clean. Satin is much more durable and washable and semi-gloss is mostly used for bathrooms or kitchens. We would recommend asking the paint store employee for assistance.

Now that you have your materials, let’s get started! First, be sure that all furniture is either removed from the room or moved to the middle of the room and covered carefully with painters’ plastic to protect it from paint splatter. You want to have plenty of space to move around!

Procoat has been painting San Diego for over 25 years and we never skip the second step of the process which is making sure the walls are clean and the surface is smooth and ready for a paint coat. We do this by filling any holes and sanding them down.

Thirdly, remove all outlet and light switch covers. A pro-tip is to keep your screws and plate covers in a container or plastic bag to keep all the pieces together! It is much more efficient than taping them off.

Following the removal of the covers, you will take your painter’s tape and tape off any surfaces you are not painting, such as baseboards and trims of windows or doors. You want to be sure to keep the tape as close to the edging as possible because wherever the tape isn’t, the paint will be! 

We would highly suggest that drop clothes or painters’ plastic be used to protect your floors because accidents do happen. Another Pro Tip: If you are using painters’ plastic to protect your floors, be sure to put it down prior to taping off your baseboards as it will offer more protection and keep the plastic from moving.

Michael Mayhue
President, Procoat Painting San Diego

Tip: Be sure to check out the Porch.Com website for more painting tips and advice on painting!

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